The soul of an Entrepreneur

I help you materialize your ideas, dreams, or desires online.

The soul of an Entrepreneur

I help you materialize your ideas, dreams, or desires online.

How do we make this possible?

+ Knowing your business purpose and through coaching to materialize it in the short term.

+ Defining and developing a strategy for your brand, real and sustainable over time.

+ Achieving a balance between the masculine and feminine energy, we base ourselves on proven theory and techniques, but we also work on the emotional and spiritual area.

+ Being clear about who you want to reach and how you are going to achieve it.

+ Your achievements will be the result of your expansion and your business soul.


Clarity in your hands

Personalized and comprehensive 1 hour Coaching sessions, incorporating body, mind, and soul, you define the theme of the session. It is an opportunity for you to be heard and begin the journey of listening to your inner voice focusing on any topic on your business (strategy, objectives, product lunch, new services).

Access to the online dimension

Start your business in social networks and / or your website. Together with a designer and web developer, accompanied by holistic coaching, we will create your brand and give you all the tools so in 1-2 months you will be able to self-manage your business. This Service include LOGO, BRANDING, Social media templates, website design.

Diamond Team

We initiate your project in the online dimension and then I offer you the administrative service for your web business, which includes content development on social networks and four monthly strategic meetings to define and work on the objectives of the month.

Are you ready to dream big and achieve your goals?

It’s possible if you work for it and truly want it—I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.»


My name is Camila Bosaans Budini, and I am a Coach for Conscious Project Entrepreneurs and a Meditation Teacher.

I have been working for over 4 years with various professionals and therapists in the development of courses and the launch of websites, with over 5 years of experience in the fields of marketing and sales.

Two years ago, I completed my certification as a Holistic Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York (IIN). This certification allowed me to comprehensively complement the body, mind, and soul. Understanding that the balance among these three aspects of our lives enables a state of permanent well-being, allowing you to live the life you dreamed of, doing what you truly love.

In 2020, I obtained certification as a Meditation Teacher, focusing on MINDFULNESS in Holistic Women. This helped me face that year in a completely different way, incorporating meditation into every aspect of my life.

Since 2021, I have been a part of Emprende Acompañada and the Emprende con Mujer Holística Program. Both communities have allowed me to share experiences and work with different entrepreneurs around the world.

I have been living in Australia since 2018, and it was here that I dared to embark on my entrepreneurial journey. This period of significant challenges led me to discover various skills that I developed with the help of experts. I also had the opportunity to share these skills with other entrepreneurs around the world, and today, I am ready to share them with you.

I am excited about the possibility of working together and helping you elevate the energy of your business by taking it to the online dimension.

Are you ready to dream big and achieve your goals?